Affordable SEO Packages

SEO doesn't have to be expensive or complex. We offer straightforward and effective SEO services at affordable costs. Our experts will use proven strategies that deliver the best results to help you generate more sales.

Why are SEO Packages important?

Our SEO packages are designed for all kinds of businesses that can help them to gain more traffic and sales. Are you struggling to get more traffic and sales?

We’ll work with you closely, ensuring your website is optimized for the search engines. You’ll see an increase in organic site visitors, which will lead to a boost in revenue. We make it easy for any business owner or marketer to achieve their goals with our affordable packages.

If you want your website ranking higher on Google than your competitors, then you need us! We have years of experience helping companies like yours succeed online by increasing their visibility across major search engines like Google and Bing. Let us show you how we can take your business to the next level!

seo packages
SEO Packages

How do our SEO Packages work?

Our SEO packages work for everyone like Big businesses, Startups, Personal Portfolio profiles. Each one has its demands and requirements that a single box cannot fulfill.

That’s why SEO India Inc created different packages according to your needs. You can do a free consultation about your business and take a better understanding of your online presence.

Our team will guide you through the process and will develop a customized plan of SEO Packages. However, we have listed our different tier packages below to know where you lie and what you need.

How to choose SEO Packages?

Let us show you how we can take your business to the next level! Affordable SEO Packages that work for you, let’s say a few of the steps you have already taken during your SEO optimization process. For example, you don’t need that in your SEO Package.

SEO India Inc has a custom deal for everyone to choose specific SEO services from all tiers of SEO Packages.

  • Managing a budget is the initial step for every project. So decide a particular budget including all necessities.
  • Then identify your target audience and their space. Thus, you know what effort you need to put into reaching out to your customers.

Digital Marketing or SEO services include different tasks like (PPC, ON Page/OFF Page SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, Content Auditing, Social Media Marketing, etc.). Then you will have to choose your requirements according to your business needs and budget. But don’t worry. Our SEO team can help you to make an ideal budget plan for your business.

We have proven results on SEO optimization that helped our clients to rank on the first page of google. They have gained lots of decent traffic and almost 200 to 600% growth in their business.

 Traffic and leads for our clients increase by over 273% on average. Landing #1 Google rankings for competitive keywords help companies improve their sales by millions of dollars each year. Our SEO experts will give you a free estimate and discuss a strategy to succeed in your website SEO.

The cost of SEO is influenced by a number of factors, such as the number of keywords to target, the site’s location, its national or international stature, the content on the site, and the website’s design.

 Anyway, it can cost around 8k to 40k (100$ to 500$) per month, depending on your business or needs. It covers all kinds of SEO services for your website, and you can check below what you will get in each SEO package.

Let’s compare it with US SEO Package Cost, and it’s almost half of it because of the majority of the US SEO Agency costs around 200$ to 1000$. So it’s a better deal for everyone here at SEO India Inc. You can get affordable SEO Packages.

Freelancers vs. SEO Agencies Packages

While choosing a product, everyone does their research, and you can find many freelancers offering their SEO services or content optimization. So a question arises here – who to choose and why? 

You have to keep in mind the two essential things before choosing one for your business are the budget and the deadline. 

Hiring a freelancer means working with an individual rather than the Agency where an entire team works for you.

If we talk about the price comparison, there would not be any difference between these two. You may want to hire an experienced freelancer and most of the workers with an hourly rate or calculate the cost of their time, premium tools, and experience. 

Now that the deadline is here, you can easily see where your SEO work will be completed rapidly. Experts at our firm have their responsibilities, so they won’t have to deal with many other things. By focusing on their part, they can produce a much faster result.  

Why Do Businesses Invest in SEO Packages?

You may wonder how some startups or businesses grow and scale themselves in a short amount of time compared to others. We are not saying they do it just with the help of SEO. Of course, the product is the primary aspect of every business and you trust your product and want it to reach out to as many people as you want.

That’s why a successful brand or company practices all marketing campaigns including SEO. In fact, SEO is the first online business after launching a website. Your products and Services should be on the first page of Google so that they can grab more and more attention.

While the biggest brands and companies do not leave any strategies even if they are world leaders, they follow everything to make sure their name stays in the industry. It is never a good thing to be forgotten and so you must always be visible to your target audience in order to remain remembered. You have a wide range of competitors in the market; keep your grip tight and hold on to your customers or else someone else will take them.

Our SEO Packages Includes:

Whenever potential buyers search for the product or service they need online, they are not likely to find your business, so you need to make your business visible. A good SEO company can help you understand the market and make your business more visible and accessible online. When you choose the right SEO package, you can rank on the first page in any search engine for any of your desired keywords.

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Collaborations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Testimonials/Presentation
  • Infographics Content
  • Blog Post
  • Articles
  • Landing Pages

Link Building Process

Developing backlinks for your website is a time-consuming and hectic process that takes too much time and effort.

Guest posting – Submitting decent articles to relevant niche websites for them to publish in exchange for mentioning your website’s backlink in the report.

Using competitive research and analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, you can approach those sources. Ahrefs and Semrush are great tools for keyword research (for analysis).

Join forums and groups relevant to your niche or business and post an article with a link to your website.

Pages dedicated to backlinking – These pages allow you to post content on a specific subject, and they will provide a quality backlink for you.

Developing broken links- Many websites contain broken links in their content. You can fix these by approaching the owner and explaining that you have the same post; this links to several.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the development and distribution of relevant, useful content—blogs, newsletters, white papers to current or potential customers. The right type can make a company seem approachable while also conveying expertise about what they offer in their products/services. These will be provided in our SEO Packages

Content Marketing has become one way businesses market themselves nowadays due to its relevance with modern-day lifestyles. It’s no wonder more companies are turning towards this form instead of traditional advertising methods such as TV commercials because people don’t like being advertised too much on social media sites where you have control over your feed (what others see when browsing). Click here To know more about content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Do SEO Packages Work?

There isn’t an immediate effect of SEO; that’s why few people don’t trust it, but everyone knows SEO is an Organic process, and it is a very cost-effective result-giving approach. 

Having a well-ranked website generates good quality organic traffic, and you begin receiving phone calls and leads from the site when you make the first page rankings. There has been considerable evidence that shows that organic traffic eventually becomes successful clients.

Compare Plan Suitable for Your Business!

Our monthly SEO packages in India are focused on providing the best results at the most affordable costs. We don't skimp on quality and effectiveness or make compromises on the level of service. You will get comprehensive support and great ROI consistently.

Key Words Optimized 10 Keywords 20 Keywords 40 Keywords 80 Keywords
Top 10 Ranking Guarantee 3 5 10 20
Weekly Reporting Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Support Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone
Customized Presentation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
On-Page Optimization        
Web site Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Competitor Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Keyword Research Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Structure Optimization Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Content Optimization 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages 80 Pages
Google analytics installation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google webmaster tools account Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Off-Page Optimization        
Web 2.0 link creation 10 15 25 40
Article writing 2 4 6 10
Youtube Video Creation 1 2 5 10
Youtube Video Promotion Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Links from social media Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Free Blog Creation 3 5 10 20
Profile Page Creation 5 10 20 30
  $199/MonthSubscribe $349/MonthSubscribe $599/MonthSubscribe $999/MonthSubscribe

A typical SEO cost in India is between INR 5000 and 25000 ($60,000 – $3,000 per year). You can measure whether or not this is good value by looking at two things – ROI and whether shortcuts/risks were taken along the way, which could lead to the site being penalized later.

SEO packages are concierge services provided by specialized firms that dedicate themselves to improving ranking on search engines. Google considers over 250 factors when determining the order of a page. An SEO package will focus on those factors. 

An SEO campaign can take months to achieve its goals, it requires extensive resources to create and maintain, and it often relies on the expertise of a specialist to develop and grow your campaign.

SEO packages are concierge services where a business specializes in improving search engine results. Google considers over 250 factors when determining the ranking of a page. An SEO package will focus on those factors.

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